ready for repair

If you’re a patient who suspects nerve damage, you’ve come to the right place. Axogen products are designed to help your surgeon repair peripheral nerve injury and restore function and sensation.

your nervous system, your control centre

The nervous system is the main control centre for your body. It makes your muscles move, helps you feel sensation and monitors your organs. The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system (CNS), which receives and reads signals from your body’s other nerves, called the peripheral nervous system (PNS).

how nerves communicate

Your nervous system runs on signals transmitted between the body and the brain. Outside the body, heat, cold, touch, sound vibrations and other sensory stimuli trigger electrical signals that travel through the neurons of the peripheral nervous system to the brain. Some neurons are wrapped in a myelin sheath, which helps the neuron transmit the electrical signal faster and more efficiently. The brain also sends electrical signals through the peripheral nerves to the muscles and organs to signal them to function.

spotlight on peripheral nerves

Peripheral nerves are thin threads of axons grouped together in bundles (fascicles) and wrapped in connective tissue (epineurium). These nerves facilitate communication between the brain and organs. Potential signs of peripheral nerve damage include loss of motor and/or sensory function, such as the ability to smile, taste, feel or even walk.