patient experiences

The life-changing impact of a nerve injury is best described in our patients’ own words. Meet some of the patients surgically repaired with Axogen products.


David suffered a gunshot wound to his upper right leg when he and his wife unknowingly interrupted a home invasion. The gunshot severed David’s sciatic nerve, impacting his ability to walk and leaving him in...

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As a cancer researcher, Katy never missed a mammogram and encouraged others to be screened regularly. She had lost her mother to breast cancer so was vigilant about watching for any warning signs. So when...

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jessica with Dr


After a stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis, Jessica underwent a bilateral mastectomy and months of chemotherapy. As a nurse, she recognised that the nerves providing sensation to her breasts would be removed as part of...

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gwen with family


Gwynne underwent a bilateral mastectomy after receiving a devastating breast cancer diagnosis. Initially faced with a numb chest, she was grateful to find a reconstruction option that offered the potential of returned sensation. Her breasts...

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Avance Nerve Graft and Axoguard Nerve Protector recipient


Achilles suffered a serious injury to his lower leg during a motorcycle accident, which led to the development of a painful and debilitating neuroma in his tibial nerve. The neuroma was removed and the resulting...

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patient jane avance axoguard


After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, Jane underwent a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction with implants. Challenges with the implant reconstruction, in addition to the loss of sensation to her chest, caused Jane to seek...

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patient tara avance axoguard


At the age of 28, Tara tested positive for the breast cancer susceptibility gene (BRCA). She chose to have a prophylactic double mastectomy and breast reconstruction with implants. About 10 years later, her left breast...

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patient madelyn avance axoguard


While a sophomore in high school, Madie suffered damage to her lingual nerve during a procedure to have her wisdom teeth removed. She lost sensation on the right side of her tongue, which made eating...

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patient shareda avance axoguard


Shareda suffered an ulnar nerve transection while three months pregnant. Her ulnar nerve was repaired using Avance Nerve Graft and Axoguard Nerve Protector. She is back to work as a typist and a busy mother...

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patient erica avance


At the age of six, Erica suffered a partial hand amputation in a traumatic accident. Physicians were able to save and replant her hand. Avance Nerve Graft was used to reconstruct her injured nerve tissue....

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patient tyler avance axoguard


Tyler suffered a transection of his superficial peroneal nerve following an ATV accident. His injured nerve was repaired using Avance Nerve Graft and Axoguard Nerve Protector. Tyler is back to riding his horse, roping and...

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Following his 49th marathon, David suffered from a compressed peroneal nerve, rendering it difficult to walk, much less run. His peroneal nerve was decompressed and wrapped using Axoguard Nerve Protector. David recently completed his 50th...

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patient dylan avance


Dylan suffered significant damage to the nerves in his brachial plexus during a motorcycle accident. Avance Nerve Graft was used to help repair the injured nerves. Today, Dylan helps his father run an electronics business,...

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patient matt axoguard


Matt suffered a partial median nerve transection during an ice hockey game when a skate blade sliced his wrist. Axoguard Nerve Protector was used during the repair of his median nerve. Matt is back to...

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patient jeffrey avance axoguard


Jeffrey suffered severe damage to his left ulnar nerve when struck by gunfire while serving in Afghanistan. His ulnar nerve was repaired using Avance Nerve Graft and Axoguard Nerve Protector. Jeffrey is now a medically...

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patient matthew avance axoguard


Matthew suffered a glass cut to the bottom of his foot, which resulted in the loss of nerve function from his heel through his first three toes. Avance Nerve Graft, as well as Axoguard Nerve...

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patient shirley avance


Following the removal of three painful neuromas in her leg, Shirley has experienced a substantial reduction in pain. The tissue removed from her nerve was repaired with Avance Nerve Graft. Shirley now lives an active...

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