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about axogen

Axogen (AXGN) is the leading company focused specifically on the science, development and commercialisation of technologies for peripheral nerve regeneration and repair. We are passionate about helping to restore peripheral nerve function and quality of life to patients with physical damage or discontinuity to peripheral nerves by providing innovative, clinically proven and economically effective repair solutions for surgeons and health care providers.

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Every day, people suffer traumatic injuries or undergo surgical procedures that impact the function of their peripheral nerves. Physical damage to a peripheral nerve, or the inability to properly reconnect peripheral nerves, can result in the loss of muscle or organ function, the loss of sensory feeling, or the initiation of pain.

Axogen’s comprehensive portfolio of products focuses on helping patients touch, run, feel, kiss, smile and hug—some of the many things healthy peripheral nerves allow us to do.

company overview

  • Exclusive focus on innovative solutions for peripheral nerve repair and protection
  • Comprehensive product portfolio addresses 900,000+ potential procedures*
  • Addressing a $2.7B+ current market opportunity*
  • “Five Pillar” market development strategy delivering double-digit growth
  • Significant barriers to competitive entry, including IP, regulatory strategies and a growing body of clinical data
  • Strong management team with track record of commercial success
  • Long-term expansion potential beyond current applications

*Estimated market size. Visit for details.

about the nerve repair market

Axogen is a pioneer in the regenerative medicine market, with a product portfolio for peripheral nerve repair. Our technologies provide an option for surgeons to reconstruct injured nerves without the comorbidities associated with an additional surgical site. Our products are used primarily by reconstructive plastic surgeons, hand surgeons, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons in a wide variety of nerve repair surgeries.

Based on research and analysis, US markets for the repair of damaged peripheral nerves exceed $2.7 billion.* Axogen actively targets these markets and explores expansion into additional markets and nerve repair technologies.

*Estimated market size. Visit for details.

Current Targeted Nerve Markets (USA) >$2.7 billion*

US potential procedural estimates remain >900,000**

  • Trauma: >700,0001-4
  • Carpal tunnel revisions and cubital tunnel: 130,0005
  • OMF: >55,0006-8
  • Breast neurotisation procedures: 15,0009

*Estimated market size. Visit for details.
**Papers include OUS studies.

our current focus

  • Extremity trauma
  • Breast neurotisation
  • Carpal and cubital tunnel revision
  • Oral and maxillofacial

Future potential expansion opportunities for Axogen include podiatry, prostatectomy, head and neck, and the surgical treatment of pain.

our pipeline

Axogen will continue to work with leading surgeons and researchers to further translate research into products that improve the standard of care for patients with physical damage or discontinuity to peripheral nerves. We will continue to expand our platform and develop new nerve repair applications where we believe we can bring meaningful solutions to current clinical challenges.

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